Can technology help getting cheap auto insurance?

The world has been changing vary fast, not letting us always to realize it. Back in in 1908 when the Model T first rolled out on to our roads, the noise really did frighten the horses and you could hear those cars coming from a big distance. Now modern can roll up behind you without you noticing anything. The engine of 21st century is a miracle of silence and speed. Ironically, we have almost arrived at the level of noiseless travel where the old Rolls Royce promise would come true. One hundred years ago, the ads said the loudest thing you would hear was the clock ticking. Now with digital clocks there’s no ticks to disturb the peace. And wherever you look it seems the advancing technology has altered the world completely. It can be in the design of the suspension and braking systems to produce safer handling. You should be surprised at the way the body crumples in a collision to absorb the impact and reduce the injuries to those inside though we usually take it as it stands to reason.

If only the investment of all this intelligence into the design of our vehicles produced cheap auto insurance rates! Well, in one sense, this is already happening, but not always. The insurerance companies work with the government in agreeing the standards for crash-testing the current range of makes and models. Those which do the best are awarded lower rates. If you follow the government recommendations you can benefit safety premium on the safest vehicles. There’s just one problem. This new technology is not yet really cheap. Some of the safest vehicles are actually more expensive to insure inspite all cause of the higher maintenance and repairs costs. Thta’s a greta idea to absorb the force of an impact by having body panels crumple. But again, after even a relatively minor collision, it can require the replacement of more bodywork at biting prices compared the old-fashioned vehicles. The cost is going to gradually fall of course with the market growth and mass manufacturing reduces the cost of spares. But, until then, the benefit of cheaper rates is not something real.

Another achievement of the technology is the ability for the vehicle to drive itself. Radar systems are put into more automobiles .The Japanese have gone one step further with the Lexus LS 460L that will take all the pain out of parallel parking. Manufacturers are looking to apply technology to freeway driving. All it would take is a wire running down the center of each lane and you could have hands-free journeys. Although it would require trusting our lives in the technology, the risk of accidents on long journeys significantly reduces.

It seems such advances will lead us to cheap auto insurance tomorrow as the drivers are slowly replaced by computers. So it is long-term planning to focus on buying the safest makes and models you can afford and look forward to the auto insurance to lower and keep you happy.

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