Advantages and security of Government Employment ( Sarkari Naukri )

Finding Sarkari Naukri is one of the hardest things to do. However, if you are lucky enough to get one Government job for you then all the hard works pays off. There are many benefits with the Sarkari Naukri.  If you compare Private jobs with Govt jobs then you see some benefits of having sarkari naukri.

First of all, if you are in Government organisations, you get certain benefits which you cannot expect from any privet organisations. In the unfortunate circumstances, your family members get the job for you, so they do not have to raise their hands to someone else for help and they get the full financial security. Doing Sarkari Naukri brings some more benefits like free health cover, travel benefits for you and your family as well. As the last year recession hit the global economy, more people are now looking to work doing Government jobs. At some stage one might say that Govt organisations are not paying competitive salary and therefore cannot be a right career option. However, in my opinion, at the end of the day Sarkari Naukri is the best option for your employment.

I had a friend of mine who was working in the company Reliance and his salary was around $5000 after tax each month. According to me this is the best salary package. However, he was required to do 12 hours a day plus some overtime if required. So at the end of the day, he was making good money but he didn not have time to spend it. And last week he was sacked without any clear reason.  And I had another friend who does bank jobs in one of the reputed government bank and his salary is around $2000 per month. Many will argue that this is very low in comparison with the other jobs. But he is very happy with his job. He comes back home without any headache. He does 8 hours a day and he does not bring all the tensions with him at home. He has been doing this Sarkari naukri from I reckon 8 years and he has managed to save good money for his future. All I want to say here is that doing govt jobs give you a good job security and you never get sacked unless you do any sort of fraud with the government.
In India, Government jobs are very popular and they are being advertised mostly in all the newspapers and websites including some classifieds websites as well and they recruit quite a number of people every day.  I wish you have a very good career doing Government job.

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