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Insuring your bar or tavern

When trying to insure your bar, tavern or any other place that sells alcohol, the most important thing is to plan everything ahead. By selling alcohol to the public your business automatically engages in a higher degree of risk that has to be assessed right from the start.

So when you’re looking for a way to manage the risks that your bar or tavern will face during operation you have to ask some questions first:

What is the approximate value of your bar, including the property, fixtures and contents?

The best way to evaluate these costs is to consider the value of replacing your entire bar, including the equipment, coolers, the décor, stock, property, building and all other things if your business would get destroyed overnight.

What part of the business turnover will the alcohol take?

The insurance company will certainly require you to provide reports of your sales. In overall, if the alcohol takes about 50% of your overall turnover or more, the cost of insuring your business will be more expensive. So make sure you know the exact percentage of alcohol sales in your bar.

Will you feature any recreational activities at your bar?

Featuring certain recreational activities may give you a hard time getting your bar insured with some companies, and if you will still manage to find a policy, the rates will be higher. Insurance companies assess recreational features such as dance poles, trampolines, pyrotechnics, rock walls, swimming pools and any other distractions as quite risky features that will raise the likelihood of an insurance claim.

Will you hire someone else?

If your bar will feature additional workers besides you, you will certainly require workers’ compensation insurance with your small business insurance policy, and it maybe even important to get group health insurance as well.

Does you state have special dram shop liability laws?

Laws can differ significantly from one state to another, and this also concerns the liability to a third party in case of injuries inflicted by a drunken person at your bar. So it is highly recommended to study the local framework before you actually purchase and y specific coverage regarding this type of liability.

Will your business have a vehicle?

In case your bar or restaurant will have its own vehicle used for stock delivery or other business purposes then you will have to buy commercial auto insurance for this vehicle as well, otherwise it won’t be covered by a standard auto insurance policy. Using your personal transport for these purposes is not forbidden but you risk being denied of coverage in case of an accident.

Is your bar located in a risky area?

If your business is located in an area that is prone to natural calamities you have to include additional coverage to your small business insurance as well. Sure, it may be a great thing to have a few cocktails right at the beach but will your bar get covered properly when the hurricanes come? Make sure it does when buying small business insurance.

Will you serve any foods at the bar?

See if your bar or tavern will serve any foods and include respective coverage into your policy.

Life insurance to make your life easier

What is the most precious thing on Earth? No, that is not a diamond or any other precious stone. It is life, for sure. Life is diamond-like, precious and important to be looked well after. But unfortunately, life has one big disadvantage – it ends. So we have to take good care of ourselves if we want to live longer.

Being people with thoughts and feelings we can’t help but wonder what will happen in this or that case that may occur. We are afraid of death for many reasons. First of all being, of course, the end of life. But also when we think of death our relatives or family come to mind. They are important for us and we are not indifferent to their fate. We want to make sure they won’t experience any financial difficulties if some accident happens.

There are many companies that want to make you their client. They will usually put an accent on the necessity of the insurance plan and make you purchase the deal because you will feel you can’t exist without it, though you seemed to cope before.

There are two categories of insurance plans for those who are interested. The choice is not that difficult to make. You just have to concentrate on your major priorities. There are factors that can place accents on your priorities. Those are age, number on dependents from your side and financial situation. Once those are in correct order, everything will be perfect for you.

So as we previously mentioned, there are few types of insurance plans. To be precise, there is term insurance and cash value insurance.

Term insurance protects from a certain date to a certain date. It is temporary insurance that covers a specific period of time. If something happens to you during that time, your family or relatives (people that you’ve indicated in your application) will profit of the death benefit. This insurance is not as expensive as the cash value one. This insurance is very profitable for those who purchase it for specific reasons.

Cash value insurance will provide insurance for you all your life long if you wish for it to be so. It is like turning into an owner of some property. You build up cash value. This will be the amount that you will be able to spend on some emergency cases related to money and health problems. It will also pay income-tax-free death benefit if you die.

There different categories of people that buy these insurance plans. You have to set priorities to figure out what you need most. Life insurance is important to have.

It is not too complicated to get a good offer nowadays. Companies are willing to negotiate and attract you. There is also an element of competition that allows patients some variety in choice. Online companies are bombarding our e-mails with discounts that are very attractive and easy to fall for. But you have to remember that this is not a pair of sneakers that you can throw away if they don’t fit you well, this is your health we are talking about, that is why it is necessary to stay focused while making a decision.

Cheap life insurance will be good news for you especially when there are no disappointments later on. Get your life insurance quotes today and keep yourself safe starting from tomorrow!

Can technology help getting cheap auto insurance?

The world has been changing vary fast, not letting us always to realize it. Back in in 1908 when the Model T first rolled out on to our roads, the noise really did frighten the horses and you could hear those cars coming from a big distance. Now modern can roll up behind you without you noticing anything. The engine of 21st century is a miracle of silence and speed. Ironically, we have almost arrived at the level of noiseless travel where the old Rolls Royce promise would come true. One hundred years ago, the ads said the loudest thing you would hear was the clock ticking. Now with digital clocks there’s no ticks to disturb the peace. And wherever you look it seems the advancing technology has altered the world completely. It can be in the design of the suspension and braking systems to produce safer handling. You should be surprised at the way the body crumples in a collision to absorb the impact and reduce the injuries to those inside though we usually take it as it stands to reason.

If only the investment of all this intelligence into the design of our vehicles produced cheap auto insurance rates! Well, in one sense, this is already happening, but not always. The insurerance companies work with the government in agreeing the standards for crash-testing the current range of makes and models. Those which do the best are awarded lower rates. If you follow the government recommendations you can benefit safety premium on the safest vehicles. There’s just one problem. This new technology is not yet really cheap. Some of the safest vehicles are actually more expensive to insure inspite all cause of the higher maintenance and repairs costs. Thta’s a greta idea to absorb the force of an impact by having body panels crumple. But again, after even a relatively minor collision, it can require the replacement of more bodywork at biting prices compared the old-fashioned vehicles. The cost is going to gradually fall of course with the market growth and mass manufacturing reduces the cost of spares. But, until then, the benefit of cheaper rates is not something real.

Another achievement of the technology is the ability for the vehicle to drive itself. Radar systems are put into more automobiles .The Japanese have gone one step further with the Lexus LS 460L that will take all the pain out of parallel parking. Manufacturers are looking to apply technology to freeway driving. All it would take is a wire running down the center of each lane and you could have hands-free journeys. Although it would require trusting our lives in the technology, the risk of accidents on long journeys significantly reduces.

It seems such advances will lead us to cheap auto insurance tomorrow as the drivers are slowly replaced by computers. So it is long-term planning to focus on buying the safest makes and models you can afford and look forward to the auto insurance to lower and keep you happy.

How do credit ratings matter?

Many car owners don’t know that their insurance rates are affected by a factor that seemingly has nothing to do with auto insurance at all. Credit rating is used by many (but not all) insurance companies as a factor when calculating rates. And while this may seem as lacking any logic from the customer’s point of view the insurance companies have a perfect explanation to using your credit score when determining your rates. Moreover, they aren’t breaking the law in any way by using your credit information without your consent and knowledge. Let’s learn how is that possible and what consequences your credit score may have with respect to insurance.

Insurers have got the right to access the personal information of their clients including the insurance record until they agree to not disclose this information to any third parties. So don’t haste filing a court case since its perfectly legal for insurers to do so. As for the purpose of doing so the insurance companies sure have one even if you may think otherwise. But you will have to start thinking as an insurer in order to grasp the importance of credit score from this perspective.

The crutial thing for insurers is assessing the risk of covering each client that apply for anauto insurance policy. If the risk is low then they can offer lower rates as to reward the low probability of a claim from such a client. If the risk is high then they will charge higher rates as to cope with the costs involved with a higher probability of a claim. And the insurers will use any piece of information that will help them evaluate their risks no matter how strange it may sound for consumers. Those who got lower credit scores file more insurance claims as a matter, whereas customers with higher scores file less claims than the average. So it’s logic that the insurance companies will adjust their rates according to this observation and use customers’ credit scores. But what if you’re not satisfied with how your score may affect your rates?

There are two options for you to consider. The first one would be improving your credit rating by reviewing your report and eliminating any unused credit lines and debts if possible. It will certainly take more time but the effect will be more profound as there are more benefits to a good credit score than just affordable auto insurance. The second option is finding a company that doesn’t use credit scores when calculating their rates. Though the majority of insurers do, there are still plenty of company that don’t, so you would want to stick to those providers.

Auto coverage options not included in standart policy types

Let’s speak about some interesting forms of coverage that could be important to insure your car. If there’s something that may damage your car, there should be a special coverage option available for this matter. And it is almost always so. Well, the price rises, as you add additional coverage options to your policy but it may be worth it. To pay higher rates can be better than having to pay for the damage done out of own pocket simply because you didn’t want to buy the special type of coverage.

Special auto insurance coverage plans

Underinsured / uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage is useful if you’re living in an area with many vehicles on the roads. It is estimated that there are thousands of drivers riding without any insurance either because their term has expired and not renewed at time or as they have chosen to drive without coverage at all, the outcome of an accident with such a driver will be the same – lack of other party’s insurance to cover your damage. Uninsured motorist coverage acts as the other party’s insurance company and pays for the damage inflicted to your car in case the other driver was at fault. It is especially useful in cases of hit-and-run accidents, which aren’t very rare these days.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive coverage is often bundled together with collision coverage since they are very complimentary in terms of financial protection. While collision coverage pays in cases of collision with other vehicles or objects, comprehensive coverage is much more diverse. It covers damage caused by circumstances other than collision including fire, theft, vandalism, earthquake wind, rain, explosions and many others. And while all these perils can be a very common cause for car damage it really makes sense to purchase comprehensive coverage.

Special peril auto insurance coverage

You need to buy purchas a specialized coverage designed for a particular situation, such as tornadoes, earthquakes and so on if the local auto insurance companies do not offer tornadosuch coverage as part of comprehensive coverage. This means that you will have to add a tornado coverage for instance to your standart policy. The situations which may require specialized coverage vary from area to area and you’ll have to buy the one that is relevant to your needs. So try to keep the protection you pay for most relevant to your needs to get both adequate and affordable protection.

Auto insurance benefits for careful drivers

If we look at the results of opinion polls, more than 50% of the US drivers are angry they have to share the roads with drivers who text while they should be watching the road. But we cannot control the problem effectively by mere anger… Well distracted-driver laws exist across the country but, so far, there’s little enthusiasm in the law enforcement community for enforcing them. For example, the maximum fine for texting while driving in Oregon is $142. The problem for the police is whether they should increase the number of vehicles on patrol. It might be better if these were unmarked and equipped with cameras providing clear evidence the offense was committed. So, at a time when state and city budgets are under pressure, is harassing texting drivers a high priority, or should the increasingly limited resources be dedicated to responding to reports of violent incidents?

When it comes to budgets, law enforcement becomes a difficult topic. The Republicans usually support policing strategies that improve public safety through zero-tolerance plans to lock up repeat offenders. This focuses attention on the cost of maintaining the prison service and a fast-response approach to picking up people involved in violent incidents. Given many senior law positions are elected, the police chiefs do not want to be seen upsetting the electorate, most of whom drive. This leads to low priorities in identifying drivers without insurance or a valid driving license, and even lower priority to catching those driving without wearing seat belts or while talking on their cells, texting, and so on. These are considered a “natural” part of driving and most officers turn a blind eye to offenses.

This is frustrating because the evidence of falling safety standards due to distraction is just as clear as the injury reductions when seat belt laws are properly enforced. In part, this more casual approach to safety is due to the enhanced design of modern vehicles. Drivers and passengers feel more safe so they care less about driving while distracted. Ironically, the people who care the most are the auto insurance companies. They are seeing the number of claims rise and it’s all down to the negligence of their drivers. That’s why there are some interesting new proposals on offer.

What about auto insurance quotes and discounts?

Many insurers offer discounts for teen drivers, if there’s a camera fitted inside the vehicle showing a continuous record of driver behavior. With both parents and insurers allowed to view in real time, this allows enforcement of simple rules like no texting, no distracting passengers in the back seat, and so on. If the rules are broken, the driving privileges can be withdrawn. The evidence now emerging from these insurer initiatives is encouraging with the general standard of driving improving. So, when shopping for car insurance quotes next time – remember to check out what discounts are on offer if you allow technology to be fitted to your vehicles to monitor the way they are driven.

Car insurance for customized vehicles

As a matter of fact a new trend of customizing vehicles has rapidly become a distinct fad in our country. Partially due to the popularity of numerous TV shows that highlight the most radical and impressive customization projects that turn typical car models into unique rides and partially because of the common strive for individuality in the modern world filled with mass-produced objects that look all the same, customization has become very popular. Yet with all the bells and whistles that a trip to the custom shop will deliver there’s a little bit of a headache also involved. And it’s not the bill, although it can get a good bite of your wallet. We’re talking about car insurance, which can become a problem right from the moment you put a custom spoiler on your car.

Though you may not know about it a minor customization can cause problems with your auto insurance and put you in risk of being denied coverage altogether when filing a claim. Sure this seems unfair from the customer’s point of view but let’s get to the other side and take a look at the situation from the insurer’s perspective. When you get car insurance quotes for a particular car make and model the insurer uses a lot of different factors as well as statistical data to calculate the costs of insuring your particular car and the odds of you filing a claim. This is done to give you car insurance quotes that will fully reflect the insurance company’s interests. The costs of insuring your strongly rely on repair costs the repair shop which the insurer works will give for a particular car. These costs are based on the factory setup and will replace the broken parts with the original or OEM ones.

Possible problesm with insurace for custom cars

So what happens when you decide to tune up your ride with new wheels, custom leather seats, engine improvements or a fad stereo system that costs several thousand dollars? From the insurer’s point of view you simply breach the provisions of the policy by altering the actual market value of the vehicles and also change the risk factor involved. This is especially true if you’ve altered the dynamics of your car by making it faster or otherwise change its performance on the road. And don’t forget that the custom parts usually cost more than the default ones so you won’t be able to replace them were your car damaged. So it simply looks like getting a contract for one car and delivering another one to the repair shop instead. No wonder why insurance companies will gladly accept customized autos.

Well, we do not say you’ll always have problems with customizing your car from the insurance perspective. You’ll just have to inform your insurer about all the changes, even the minor ones, you perform on your car in order to recalculate your quotes and rates. As long as the company has accurate data on your vehicle you won’t have the risk of being denied coverage in case of an accident after customization has been performed. Simple as that.

Advantages and security of Government Employment ( Sarkari Naukri )

Finding Sarkari Naukri is one of the hardest things to do. However, if you are lucky enough to get one Government job for you then all the hard works pays off. There are many benefits with the Sarkari Naukri.  If you compare Private jobs with Govt jobs then you see some benefits of having sarkari naukri.

First of all, if you are in Government organisations, you get certain benefits which you cannot expect from any privet organisations. In the unfortunate circumstances, your family members get the job for you, so they do not have to raise their hands to someone else for help and they get the full financial security. Doing Sarkari Naukri brings some more benefits like free health cover, travel benefits for you and your family as well. As the last year recession hit the global economy, more people are now looking to work doing Government jobs. At some stage one might say that Govt organisations are not paying competitive salary and therefore cannot be a right career option. However, in my opinion, at the end of the day Sarkari Naukri is the best option for your employment.

I had a friend of mine who was working in the company Reliance and his salary was around $5000 after tax each month. According to me this is the best salary package. However, he was required to do 12 hours a day plus some overtime if required. So at the end of the day, he was making good money but he didn not have time to spend it. And last week he was sacked without any clear reason.  And I had another friend who does bank jobs in one of the reputed government bank and his salary is around $2000 per month. Many will argue that this is very low in comparison with the other jobs. But he is very happy with his job. He comes back home without any headache. He does 8 hours a day and he does not bring all the tensions with him at home. He has been doing this Sarkari naukri from I reckon 8 years and he has managed to save good money for his future. All I want to say here is that doing govt jobs give you a good job security and you never get sacked unless you do any sort of fraud with the government.
In India, Government jobs are very popular and they are being advertised mostly in all the newspapers and websites including some classifieds websites as well and they recruit quite a number of people every day.  I wish you have a very good career doing Government job.

The benefits and weak poits of vintage auto insurance

Owning a vintage vehicle is definitely something great and it speaks about you as a connoisseur of cars and the industry history. Though other classic and retro car owners are just enthusiasts and wnat to seem rich.. No matter what kind of a person there is a great number of drivers around the US who devote their time and money into restoring and repairing old cars. And it surely a rewarding hobby both for the car owner and the people who see the beauty of a vintage vehicle. And only the owner knows wether it has been returned to its original functioning state or taken on a new level with better equipment used and how much effort it costs. Well, there is a headache for all the vintage car owners as well and it starts with getting car insurance for such a car. It is a sort of a challenge forcing you to be more exigent choosing an insurer provider.

The drawbacks of typical car insurers

This is not because ordinary car insurance providers do not accept retro and vintage autos. They do equally, but you will be demanded an independent appraisal service so to see the actual value of your car (as opposed to its market value (that decreases over time and gets rather low for classic and retro cars). On passing an appraisal that takes into account the money and work invested into restoring the vehicle the insurer will issue the requested policy with the needed amount of coverage. The headache you would be feeling is because of in case anything occurs to your vehicle it will be send to a typical repair shop which will surely lack the staff and the equipment necessary to repair your vehicle adequately. That’s by all means not something you are looking for – if you have spent hundred of hours in the garage and don’t want anyone to ruin your whole work. In order to avoid such a menace to beloved brainchild consider a specialized car insurance company.

Costs matter

Specialized car insurance providers operate in all states. They do have much less customers that’s why car insurance quotes would be higher but such companies are known to offer adequate services and have vintage car repair experts at their disposal. You should not forget of comparison shopping with specialized insurers to get a chance of a more affordable policy but there won’t be such a big difference in the prices as when shopping for ordinary auto insurance plans since there are less customers involved in the business.

Coverage Limitations with Specialized companies

Regardless the insurance company type you turn to for a policy get prepaired for certain coverage limitations and requirements.

  1. The most common is a low enough yearly mileage.
  2. Then come the storage conditions of your car (i.e. a requirement to keep it in a garage).

Well theses limitations shouldn’t be much of a problem since you probably do not use your most vintage and classic car as an ordinary everyday vehicles. As the use of such cars comes mostly to special occasions when the cars get delivered to the places of fairs and expos with special trailers the rigorous at the first look requirements could be accepted by most vintage car owners.

So wether to buy a classic or vintage car insurance depends on the extent of work and your special requirements towards the repair shops qualification, not speaking about the cost difference as this shouldn’t be much a concern if you manage to own and take care of the vintage car itself.

When is it time to compare quotes?

Since car insurance company is mandatory in most states all car owners have to buy policies and to get cheaper rates comparison shopping is crucial. Everyone who wants to save have perhaps tried comparing quotes from different providers and found it really gives an opportunity to get a plan for the lowest price possible. This has indeed proved to be a beneficial method as it delivers a significant money saving potential. But learning how to use it right especially at the right time is probably equally crutial. Below is a piece of advice on proper timing when as you plan to compare quotes for auto insurance to help you avoid mistakes.

The most commom mistake is remembering about the car insurance policy renewal when the term has already passed and you have no choice but to renew the current plan with your current insurer. At this time comparing car insurance quotes won’t make sense and would be just a waste of time. Well, you can cancel your current policy in order to apply for the one you’ll find by comparison shopping, but if you do so your old provider will make an entry about your late cancellation. Knowing this the other providers will give you a higher rate instead of the great deals you have located by surfing. So you better start shopping around in advance.

The poptimal time for comparison shopping is several weeks before your policy expiration date. You have the right to cancel the current plan without receiving any penalties even earlier, depending on your provider in 30 to 45 days before the renewal date. So this is the best time to shop around for a new policy.

On finding an offer that is more competitive first study its contents closely, apply for it in case it really suits you and notify your current car insurance provider regarding policy cancellation. But do not cancell the existing policy without buying a new one because you either risk being uninsured for a period of time. And don’t keep the old policy after the renewal date passes to avoid a penalty for breaching the contract provisions. Considering driving several days without auto insurance a triffle is unvise. You risk to having an accident during this very period and in the situation you will be forced to cover the costs out of own pocket. You surely don’t want such additional headaches and charges.

If you follow these simple rules for comparison shiopping will be effective for you and definitely help you get a good policy. And these days it’s so easy as plenty of sites offer free car insurance quotes to check online. Just make sure you collect the quotes from insurers operating in your state and that the time is right to switching insurers. This way you save both money and effort and receive affordable insurance rates so do your best to be precise and calm when doing it.